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First thoughts on Enterprise Vault 12

This week I have finally started preparing to teach Enterprise Vault 12 courses and I have been running through the Enterprise Vault 12: Differences labs. There  is only one really big new feature in Enterprise Vault 12 and that is classification. To start with it is quite difficult to see the wood for the trees but things seem a bit clearer now. Once you have installed the Microsoft Data Classification Toolkit and imported the example rules you have something to play with in Windows File Server Resource Manager (FSRM). One thing to be aware of is that if you want Enterprise Vault to apply a particular Retention Category when a rule is matched then the rule name needs to match the Retention Category name. In Enterprise Vault you need to create Classification Policies that define how classification is going to work and then define Retention Plans that specify the default Retention Category to be used and the Classification Policy. For Exchange Archiving you then assign the Retention Plan to users via Provisioning Groups. Where the fun really starts is when you want to create you won classification rules within FSRM, that can involve writing very complex regular expressions.

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