Getting the message out about Internet Safety

I published two Udemy online courses about Internet Safety last year and the level of interest in the courses has been rather disappointing. Recently a Romanian student purchased access to the course “Internet Safety – How to keep your children safe online”. After completing the course and giving it 5 stars she sent me the following message: “Hello and thank you so much for this course, it has been life saving. I was wondering if I have your permission to blog about what I have learned here on my blog, which is in my native language (Romanian), it would be so great, cause there isn’t much information about this in my language and people really need to find out about this. Of course I would put a link to this course, totally recommending it. Thank you! Blessings!” This made me realise that although there is lots of information about Internet safety in English that for other countries / languages the information is lacking. It would be great to publish versions of my courses in other languages but I would need to have willing volunteers you were able to translate the content and record it in another language. Any takers out there, if so please get in touch.

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