Enterprise Vault

Index federation in Enterprise Vault 11 and above

Prior to the introduction of the new search client in Enterprise Vault 11 if an archive had multiple index volumes they were visible in the search clients and, by default, searches were only federated over 5 index volumes although this was configurable. But what is the situation in Enterprise Vault 11 with the new search client? Research using Google, reading the documentation and even checking with ex-colleagues at Veritas didn’t come up with a definite answer. So I decided to test it. I created a number of emails within a user’s mailbox all with the text “Test number” in the subject and then archived a couple of items and then rolled over the volume by closing the location folder. I did that 6 times so that there were 7 index volumes in total. When I loaded up the EV Search client both within Outlook and as a standalone web app you only saw the top level index, you did not see the individual index volumes. I tested whether browsing through the items worked and it did. There was no indication that the items were in different volumes. I then searched for the phrase “Test number” throughout the index and all 12 items were found without any errors.

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